„RBNT“, UAB – manufacture of wooden turned pieces (furniture fittings) and wood processing. The company has been successfully operating in rural area for 20 years already. The main activity of the company is the manufacture of wooden turned pieces, furniture fittings (legs, supports, frames, racks, etc.). The company today has 34 employees, of whom 29 are involved in manufacturing. The company covers an area of  15 000 sq. m. „RBNT“, UAB  has constantly invested in infrastructure renewal: over 2 years we rebuilt production facilities of 1494,1 sq. m., which meet  all public health and hygiene standards; we installed modern timber dryers resulting in reduced timber drying costs; we acquired modern wood processing machine tools.  Manufacturing process undergo rapid automation. Increased production capacity allowed export of production.

Currently we produce:

  • Turned upholstered furniture legs (type of wood – birch)
  • Turned chests of drawers‘ legs (type of wood – birch)
  • Wooden sofa frames (type of wood – birch)

Wooden turned pieces :